Sri Chin Holdings

Sri Chin Holdings Private Limited established in 2004 as an independent company, is based in Sri Lanka, importing and manufacturing high-quality healthcare, laboratory and medical equipment and consumables for hospitals, pharmacies and other industrial factories. Since inception, we have been continuously expanding our product portfolio to cover new business segments. Today we possess a wide product portfolio of over one hundred products, which had enabled us to maintain a sustain competitive advantage.

We are committed to constantly improving quality of products by way of our quality systems. Our suppliers in China work closely with the Company Management to introduce the most up-to-date developments to our product range. Training of the usage of all products are provided by expert trainers who work with us continually until we acquire the product relevant know-how thoroughly. This element has been a contributing factor to our continued success at Sri Chin.


The Company was founded by Medical Doctor Cyril Liyanage, who had put down roots in China after living and executing medical practice for over 20 years. Through his profession, he had built strong connections with several medical manufacturing companies. With this rare exposure, he founded Sri Chin Holdings Private Limited in 2004 in Sri Lanka.

The Company name ‘Sri Chin’ was derived as a gesture of goodwill, to strengthen the partnerships with Chinese companies, built purely through Dr. Liyanage’s network within the healthcare industry and friendship thus built. His untiring efforts contributed to strong international collaboration and trade between China and Sri Lanka.


To be a recognized as the leading company that provides high quality medical consumables by the year 2020.


To offer the highest quality products and novel medical approaches at affordable market rates, whilst maintaining total customer satisfaction.


Dr Cyril Liyanage, the Founder of Sri Chin Holdings Private Limited serves as the Company Director since its inception in 2004. He graduated in 1988 from the Shanghai Jiao tong University Medical College based in Shanghai China. After attaining his MBBS, he began practicing in private institutions in China. During this residency, he was able to provide superior care and medical consultation which resulted in an improvement in the patient satisfaction quotient. Soon he flew back to his motherland, where he continued his practice over 15 years at Ministry of Health and subsequently established Sri Chin Holdings Private Limited.

Company Objective

Our Founder and Director, Dr.Liyanage, has always yearned to contribute for the well-being of the society. He believes that good heath is the greatest asset of human life. Stemming from his beliefs, he has dedicated most of his years to the enhancement of medical technologies and continuous improvement of product quality. He wishes to make a greater impact by getting involved in research and development to further improve the product quality for the benefit of the human race.

With Dr. Liyanage’s leadership, we work persistently to provide better developed health care products while adhering to our core ethical values. We are focused on achieving the highest quality to meet the requirements of our health care system in Sri Lanka. Our primary objectives are listed below:

  • To improve medical care through import and manufacture of the highest quality and technologically advanced equipment and consumables at the market price
  • To make a reasonable profit in business operations to meet our obligations, sustain our growth, and reach our goals
  • To meet the company objectives with due consideration to social and environmental concerns through excellent teamwork performance.
  • To continue to grow and develop our employees, products and systems, and be the preferred supplier of quality medical equipment to the health care sector in Sri Lanka.
  • To be the reference standard for patient care expertise by representing reputable manufacturers those are committed to the medical advancement in Sri Lanka.

Why Choose Us

We are committed to supply the most appropriate medical equipment / solutions at the most rationalized cost. Our partnership with Chinese manufacturing companies have enabled us to maintain the cost low while bringing our customers the most current technological advancement. By having a fully-fledged manufacturing facility in Sri Lanka, we have augmented supplies to suit the needs and demand of health care providers in the Sri Lankan market.

We have partnered with experts in the medical manufacturing industry in China to keep a strong reputation in delivering quality products and implementing quality processes to deliver the same.

Our Growth

At the point of our establishment in 2004, we were limited to the import and distribution of one item only. Driven by the determination to provide better health care facilitates to the people of our mother nation, with the leadership of Dr Liyanage, we opened doors to covering new business segments, and the product base now exceeds a hundred products. Our island-wide distribution commenced with merely five distributors, but currently we work with over thirty distributors who deliver our products to help clients provide better health solutions.

With persistent aspiration to achieve excellence, we have thus far grown consistently within the Sri Lankan healthcare market. And continue to do so within newly emerging markets.

Long-Term Goals

We aim to be the partner of choice for our clients, suppliers, employees and distributors by accelerating their success through our medical products, marketing, distribution and continued innovation.

We hope to carryout research and development into the unmet requirements and develop appropriate technology to fulfill such needs of the customers.

We wish to go forward with the same momentum, to gain entrance into the export market. In the year 2020, we hope to obtain access to the international market with our locally manufactured products and consumables.